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Are you yearning to feel good in your body?


Tired of critiquing yourself when you look at your reflection?


Suffering from low self esteem?

Constantly telling yourself that you’re not pretty enough, not sexy enough?


Longing to FEEL gorgeous, radiant, and truly alive?

If you’re ready to finally love the skin you’re in and be the badass goddess you’re meant to be then you’ve come to the right place. 

Over the past decade I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help become their own #1 fan, love their bodies, and live a life full of radiance and magic!
The results have been amazing. My clients have learned to love themselves unconditionally, step into their power, and become manifesting machines. They have also experienced amazing transformations in both their professional love lives. 
I’m proud to share that my clients have found their soulmates, married, and  started families!
Most importantly, they have cultivated amazing relationships with themselves and dramatically changed the totality of their lives by healing the long unearthed pain from societal conditioning, trauma, and abuse that’s been holding them back.

Jessica helped me to find the woman I always knew I was and how to find the love I’ve always been looking for! She’s become the person I seek advice from when I need help with relationships, life, and work. The woman I am today is in part to her support and programs. I’m so grateful and will be one of her greatest advocates for the rest of my life!


IT CHANGED MY LIFE!I feel powerful, feminine, confident, smart and sexy! You give all of you to each and every person! From teacher to teacher, you’re an inspiration! No words can express what you’ve done for me. You’re a blessing and I am so grateful you were brought into my life! I’m forever changed for the better!


Jessica has this magic ability to hold up this mirror and show you what she sees. Working with Jessica and acknowledging, out loud, all the ways I am special and unique and worthy in this world helped me to shift into a new reality where I was in control of my destiny and my power and my sexual prowess.


I love your wisdom, equanimous essence and your ability to gauge your clients and read them. I am in awe of how much people open up to you and how personal and professional your lessons are. The retreat overall was a cosmic union of goddesses emerging from their hurt and into their divinity!


When writing 21 Days to Feeling Gorgeous I was moved to tears when I imagined all the women on this planet who are hurting and continuously plagued with thoughts and feelings of not being good enough. Not feeling attractive enough, sexy enough, thin or fit enough, smart enough, confident enough or just not good enough.

For all the women who are suffering and longing to feel at peace with themselves.

May you find solace here.

This program is your safe place to heal, your strength to transform, and your guide to create the magical life you’re dreaming of. 

You’re not reading by accident, the universe has guided you here.

Your soul is beckoning you to answer the call to step into a new phase of your life that’s like none you ever lived before. A life in which you think and speak positively about yourself, love and accept yourself just the way you are, and feel powerful beyond measure. 


This is your moment, your time, your opportunity.

This eight week transformational program is designed to help you step into your power to feel confident, vibrant and utterly badass. I will lead you through this life-changing journey in true sacred sisterhood form. For you are a goddess, and you are deserving of an abundant life of joy, magic, and unconditional self-love.

It is your time to finally love the skin you’re in and become the badass goddess you are meant to be.

At the conclusion of this divine program, you will:

  • Once and for all end self-bashing and start thinking and speaking positively about yourself to become your own best friend.

  • Radically shift the relationship with your body by learning to embrace it, celebrate it, and finally love it.

  • Become a manifesting machine, capable of turning your dreams into your reality.

  • Step into your divine feminine power to feel confident, radiant and utterly badass.

  • Create healthier relationships and deepen the bond with the other women in your life where you celebrate, embrace, and uplift each other up.

Goddess Glow Up is designed to be simple yet powerful! We are all busy AND want to experience amazing changes in our lives without a lot of work. This program does just that.


How does the Goddess Glow Up Program work?

The secret sauce is in the magic of the sacred circle. The most powerful transformations I have facilitated and witnessed have been when women come together to learn, share, listen, and take action. Each week you and 19 other women will come together to journey through three phases of transformation in the course of the 8 weeks:

Phase one: Evolve a healthy mind set, heal the relationship with yourself and equip you with the tools to love yourself unconditionally.

Phase Two: Illuminate yourself from the inside out with practical and magical practices to set your confidence on fire. 

Phase Three: Learn to love yourself harder, discover how to honor your fellow goddess to heal the feminine collective, and become a manifesting machine.


We will meet weekly for a 2 hour zoom coaching call. Each woman is invited to participate and have a voice. We ALL learn from each other and it’s important to share  both your transformation and the struggles you’re working to overcome with one another. 

THE PROGRAM: Weekly Zoom calls every Tuesday starting September 20, 2022
7:00-9:00pm EST/ 4:00-6:00pm PST 

Zoom calls will be recorded and emailed to you if you’re not able to attend.

Our final call together will be November 8th, 2022.

THE SUPPORT:  You will have the support of myself and 19 other amazing women. 

THE RESOURCES: Not only will we work together through the zoom calls, Q&As and coaching calls but you’ll also have access to a VIP Facebook group where you can ask questions and get immediate feedback from both me directly and  also other Goddesses working on themselves.

THE BONUS: Private Session with Jessica

In addition to the weekly group calls you’ll also receive a private FaceTime session with me. Our 45 minute session will focus solely on your unique situation to provide you with guidance, answer any questions you may have, and dive deep to provide you with clarity around why you’ve been feeling this way and how to overcome the negative self talk.

THE INVESTMENT: This program is valued over $4,000. However, it’s my mission to help thousands of women to truly love themselves and raise the collective vibration. I’m offering this 8 week course for $2,022.00 for a limited time.

To make sure I have enough time to work with everyone, I’ve limited new applications to 20 women. This allows me to spend enough time getting to know each Goddess and the results they want to create. 

As soon as the 20 spots are filled you’ll have to wait for the next round in 2023.

Don’t waste another minute of your precious life not feeling gorgeous – join me in this powerful program and become the badass Goddess you’re meant to be! You deserve it!


Much love, 

Jessica Smith

Sep 20, 2022, 5:00 PM MDT
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