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21 Days to Feeling Gorgeous is for women who are suffering and longing to finally love the skin they are in, become their own #1 fan, and live a life full of radiance and exuberance.

This is a transformational workbook that is designed to help you step into your power to feel confident, vibrant and utterly badass. Jessica Smith will lead you through this life-changing journey in true sacred sisterhood form. For you are a goddess, and you are deserving of an abundant life of joy, magic, and unconditional self-love.

It is your time to finally love the skin you’re in and become the badass goddess you are meant to be.

At the conclusion of this divine program, you will:


  • Once and for all end self-bashing and start thinking and speaking positively about yourself to become your own best friend.

  • Radically shift the relationship with your body by learning to embrace it, celebrate it, and finally love it.

  • Become a manifesting machine, capable of turning your dreams into your reality.

  • Step into your divine feminine power to feel confident, radiant and utterly badass.

  • Create healthier relationships and deepen the bond with the other women in your life where you celebrate, embrace, and uplift each other.


Order your copy today to start your magical transformation to feeling GORGEOUS.

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